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Mining Equipment

Optimized Undercarriage Solutions for the Mining Sector by Interior Undercarriage

In the demanding world of mining, equipment reliability is non-negotiable. At Interior Undercarriage, we specialize in providing undercarriage solutions that meet the rigorous demands of the mining industry.


Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our renowned Ace Track brand track chains. Engineered for maximum durability and performance, our track chains are designed to withstand the extreme conditions encountered in mining operations, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and minimized downtime.


At the heart of our undercarriage systems are Japanese-made R-Brand rollers, renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability. These rollers are meticulously crafted to deliver smooth operation and superior performance, even in the most challenging mining environments.


With Interior Undercarriage, you can trust that your mining equipment is equipped with the best undercarriage solutions available. Enhance your operations with our reliable, durable, and high-performance undercarriage systems today.

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