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How to pick a Tree Shear

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

With seemingly dozens and dozens of tree shears on the market today, what are the differences?

Obviously we are biased to Biojack, in fact there are many reasons we decided to represent them vs some of the other popular brands. Let's have a look.

1. The main reason we love this style of tree shear is the principle design. Biojack created a grapple, with a shear built in. The knife blade that does the cutting moves independently of the grapple arms. What does this mean? It means, when you are done cutting trees, you can tuck that blade away and use this tool as a fully functional wood grapple. Other shears on the market have fixed blades and they don't work very well for moving wood or brush around.

2. The safest cut. The Biojack grapple squeezes the tree first, then begins its cut. Most other shears use the grapple arm to force the cut so the tree isn't 100% secure while it's being cut. With the Biojack, you know the grapple has a good squeeze on the tree before any cutting is happening making it one of the safest shears on the market.

3. Delimbing arms standard. What can be a fairly expensive option on other shears, comes standard on the Biojack. If delimbing trees fits your use, look into the costs of other companies delimbing arm upgrades.

4. Specs are not inflated. The Biojack 300, (rated at 300mm cut in softwood) in the pictures made several 300mm or bigger cuts in douglas fir and pine, over achieving is welcome in an age of inflated marketing specs.

5. Extremely high quality, made in Finland. With an impressive resume of massive European companies that use Biojacks parent company to manufacture critical components, it is assured these Shears are made of the finest steel, and with state of the art manufacturing processes.

That sums up the major advantages of Biojack Tree Shears, we have one setup for a demo in Monte Lake if you're in the area, feel free to call and stop by!

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